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HK Carpool

Contract domestic China-Hong Kong carpool export and general trade ton trucks, and Hong Kong's air cargo warehouse and sea cargo warehouse services;

   Trailer transportation part: 

  • At present, Our company has a professional container fleet and a batch of self-prepared containers (international standard containers) to undertake container and less-than-carload cargo transportation, warehousing, and connection services.​

Service Project

    CN-HK Trailer transportion and warehousing: 

  • Our company has its own China-Hong Kong trailers with various models, including China-Hong Kong container trailers and China-Hong Kong bulk trucks.     Our own warehouse in Hong Kong can provide customers with services such as Hong Kong LCL warehousing.

    Transit Warehousing: 

  • Provide a complete cargo transit warehouse to undertake zero-pickup goods in the Mainland, as well as supervision, bonded, international transit, and import distribution.