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With the increasing demand, is it no possible to convert passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft to meet the demand for air cargo?
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Under the influence of the epidemic, many airlines have converted airliner into Cargo aircraft to meet cargo demand.

Bruce Chan, vice president of global logistics at the investment bank Stifel, stated in the Baltic Exchange’s monthly market summary that shipping issues, high shipping prices and continued air freight demand are putting pressure on shipping capacity.


"In our view, measures such as changing customers to goods are not enough to meet demand, and they can not save the key question.


"In our opinion, the wide-body abdominal capacity is still 10% to 20% lower than in 2019,It is depending on the channel. The demand now is to a large extent much higher than in 2019."

The capacity of wide-body passenger aircraft is currently estimated to account for about 30% of the entire market.


At the same time, Accenture’s Seabury Consulting estimated that passenger and cargo aircraft accounted for approximately 6% to 7% of the total number of wide-body passenger flights in June.


"The overall impact of the termination of passenger and cargo flights on the current air cargo capacity is limited," Seabury said.


Regarding peak season expectations, Chen said: "As the seasonal growth of the holiday peak in the fourth quarter is in full swing, consumer goods spending is gaining momentum, and the retail inventory-to-sales ratio is still close to historical lows.

"Interestingly, a large retailer stated that even if all stores are closed and only focusing on purchase the inventory , it will take several months to return to normal. Therefore, we believe that in addition to meeting strong new demand, shippers also Working hard to catch up."