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Urgent notice on the risk of declaration of low cargo value
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Dear Customer: 

Hello! In response to the Hong Kong DHL notice, customs in many places currently have strict control over issues such as underreporting, false declarations, and omissions in the declared value of export shipments (hereinafter referred to as "low declarations"). Recently,A lot of low declaration shipments have been seized and the goods involved There are many types of files, mainly involving the following issues:

1. The value of insurance premium and freight is not declared on the invoice accompanying the goods;

2. A lot of invoices does not match the real transaction value.  

Our company hereby informs you as follows, all customers are requested to receive and follow them:

All low-declared shipments are items that are strictly prohibited from being shipped by our company. Please declare all product information and correct declared value in the invoice accompanying the shipment, including the true value of the shipment, the true shipper's information, and the true product. Description etc. The declared value must be the transaction price agreed between the consignee and the consignor; some countries will require the amount including freight insurance, etc. It is recommended to provide a proof of value with the goods to eliminate suspects of low declaration and help customs clearance. Our company will not re-check before shipping to DHL and other carrier channels. Whether the goods have low declarations is subject to the feedback information from DHL and other channel carriers or customs of various countries.

Starting from April 1, 2020, Hong Kong DHL will charge additional surcharges for low-declared shipments, starting at 450 yuan/ticket, and any export shipments are recognized as low-declared goods whether they are in Hong Kong or overseas This surcharge may be incurred if there is a false report/missing report/misreporting. All sending customers must do a good job of control and inspection before receiving the goods. All false reports/underreports and other violations are strictly prohibited, such as If it is deemed to be a low declaration, the shipment will not be excluded from being returned by the local customs. Regardless of whether the transit status of the goods has been signed and received, the costs incurred (fines, return shipping, destruction, warehouse rent, etc.) will be unconditionally borne by the sending customer. At the same time, our company is not obliged to cooperate with customers in breach of contract to deal with seized shipments, and reserves the right to freeze shipments in transit.

Customers are requested to know and follow them. If the circumstances are serious, our company will reserve the right to pursue the responsibility for breach of contract. Thank you for your cooperation!